4 Things to consider before buying a scooter

There are a number of details that you should keep in mind before getting one scooter; each device has qualities that make it special for certain uses and practices. There are for beginners who have some details of brakes, wheels and bearings that provide greater stability and balance; other models are more suitable for experts because it gives them greater maneuverability and speed.

Before making your purchase you must take into account these details to get the right product. Not all the scooters are used for the same activity, this is something that you must have clear since the use that your child will depend on their characteristics, some are specially made for book style, for jumps or some are to do best trick scooter and others are more convenient to roll through the streets, once you know what your child’s plans are, you can buy the right product. Here you can find some of the Best Trick Scooters just click on the Link you will love them.

If you thinking to use the scooter to move, the most important thing is to make as much progress as possible with your efforts, and to maintain a comfortable posture. A scooter is much more manageable than a bicycle, but can become more tired if the distance to travel is long. However, if your thing is to go to the park to do tricks with your scooter, acrobatics and jumps, you have to be much more demanding with your scooter. For this reason you need a freestyle scooter.

Best Scooters

Freestyle scooters are designed to facilitate the freedom of movement necessary for acrobatics. In addition, they are manufactured to withstand blows when landing jumps.

Most users want a sturdy and lightweight scooter, but these two qualities do not always go hand in hand. Manufacturers are trying to create innovative products in everything related to materials and manufacturing techniques.


There are 4 fundamental components that a buyer should consider before purchasing the scooter:


Resistant scooters

Scooters must be more resistant. They have to have pieces that hold more, if you do not want to be broken the first time. Resistant scooters usually weigh more than a normal scooter.

Resistant Scooters

A scooter should have few joints and laces. The more joints and connections are the more breaking points. This means that most scooters are not adjustable in height or foldable, and that their parts are manufactured in one piece.



A scooter contains acrobatics and tricks scooters. Scooters are made of small wheels, with diameters between 98 and 110 millimeters, and with the center made of solid material.

Some pneumatic wheels would hold two landings.

They are usually of small dimensions, made of polyurethane and have a core of plastic or metal; the latter is the most resistant, if the scooter will be used for tricks and acrobatics.


They influence the ease of driving and the appearance of the scooter. Scooters have bearings classified according to the ABEC system that goes from 1 to 9 that provide more or less accuracy, depending on the case and offer more speed on the road. Platina is the area where the user is placed; it is also called a cover and comes in various shapes, styles, widths, lengths and sizes.

It is usually made of aeronautical grade aluminum for greater strength and lighter weight.


Handle bar

The handlebar is known as a T-bar. They usually have a T or Y shape, are usually made of steel or aluminum and have a standard diameter of 1 ¼ inch.

It is where the user’s body rests and guides the scooter along with the handlebar. Each bar is different and according to which you will select the feeling on the scooter.

Handle Bar

It must have the ability to fully rotate, 360 degree. The turns and displacements that you will do with your scooter require it. It can be made of steel or aluminium. The steel handlebars are more solid, but they weigh more. Most freestyle scooters have an aluminium handlebar to gain lightness.

There is a material as light as aluminum, and as strong as steel, cromoli steel. There are the cuffs that are placed at each end of the bar and that make up the handlebar, are usually replaceable and are made of various materials for comfort and stability in the grip and also to avoid injuries to the hands.


Rear brake

It is located above the rear wheel and designed to stop the scooter by gradually pushing it with your foot.

Rear Break

There are several types: spring or bending that is silent and provides comfortable braking capabilities, there are also friction that are, perhaps, most suitable for beginners.

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