4 Best free antivirus software for your new computer

If you are looking for best antivirus software, this is the right place for you to search.

Installing an Antivirus in your software is extremely helpful in keeping it safe.

The antivirus software is meant to provide safety for your computer from all the foreign viruses and invaders. The software will also help you avoid the loss of the data and keep it safe. But as all of us know that there are a huge number of options available in the market for us. To make your choice a lot easier we have listed down the top products that you can choose from.

Avira free security suite


This antivirus is known to thoroughly scan your computer and remove all the possible threats. It is effective against all the Trojan, spyware, and ransom ware and provides you efficient services.

  • Runs scheduled scans on your system to ensure security.
  • It automatically adjusts the scanner’s priority level.
  • This antivirus is also helpful in scanning the Windows Registry.
  • It also helps you to scan the boot sectors.
  • This software ignores the files on the drive networks.
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Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition


This antivirus software is not only free but also extremely easy to be used. It does not involve huge number of buttons and menus that can leave you in great confusion. It not only offers you free antivirus services but is also a valuable asset against the frauds that might happen.

  • It provides you the anti-phishing and the anti-fraud protection.
  • This antivirus software also provides you safety while you are browsing the internet.
  • It keeps all your passwords and data safe.
  • This software protects your computer against all kind of the Virus, worms, root kits and spyware etc.

Adaware Antivirus free


This antivirus is extremely easy to run on your system and does not require much time in the installation. You can use this software in different scanning modes as per your requirement.

  • This device is able to provide protection against all kind of possible threats for your computer.
  • The regular mode provides you an idea about the existing threats of your device.
  • It also runs scheduled scans on your system.

Avast free Antivirus


It is used by a huge number of people around the world and is one of the top-most antivirus software at present. It not only detects the threats on your device but also block them for the betterment.

  • It runs scheduled scans on your system.
  • It easily checks all the files and file extensions on your system.
  • All the heuristics sensitivity scans are finely-tuned.

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Panda free Antivirus


This antivirus software is extremely easy to install and also can be used by anyone. This permanent antivirus scanner is able to offer you additional protections too for the protection of your system. It keeps you system away from any kind of possible virus threats.

  • This application is protected by the password.
  • It runs the scheduled scans every once in a while.
  • If you are using the full screen application all the notifications will be automatically disabled.

Based on your requirements and the features offered you can download any of the above mentioned antivirus software.

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