Self-Care & You: 3 Practices To Incorporate Into Your Life

Self-care describes everything you do intentionally to improve your emotional, physical, and mental well-being. This might sound like a simple thing to do, but many people ignore self-care.

If you want to achieve proper self-care, you first have to be consciously aware of your well-being. It’s essential to ensure that you take daily care of your soul, mind, and body; don’t only do this when you get sick. Learning to do simple things like how to exercise regularly, reduce stress, eat right, and take time out are self-care benchmarks.

1. Focus on your Physical Health

Physical health is a central part of self-care. Your mind and body have a special connection, and you cannot be in high spirits if your body is unwell. One way to take care of your physical health is by exercising. Exercise increases serotonin levels in the body, which improves energy and mood. When exercising as part of self-care, choose an activity you enjoy doing. Some self-care activities include running, brisk walking, dancing, yoga, cycling, and anything else that makes you lively. When you do something you love, you will achieve extra fulfillment.

Another aspect of physical health is getting quality sleep. Sleep deficiency affects your health mentally and physically. People spend a lot of time and only leave a few hours for sleep. An adult needs to sleep for 6-8 hours every night. The body needs time to renew and rest. Daytime naps also help in improving concentration levels and refreshing the body.

Your diet also contributes to self-care. Many people indulge in unhealthy eating when they want to lift their mood. They report indulging in cupcakes, lasagna, alcohol, or a juicy steak. Eating these kinds of foods is not self-care. Instead, eat healthy and nutritious foods to build your body and protect it from getting sick. When feeling down, instead of eating junk food, you can take a dietary supplement such as grind ingredients to make you feel better.

2. Change your Mindset

The things that fill your mind and your way of thinking significantly affect your mental well-being. Mental self-care involves engaging in activities that sharpen your mind, such as learning about something fascinating or solving a puzzle. You can also fuel your mind by watching movies or reading books. Mental self-care is also about doing things that sustain your mental health. Practicing acceptance and self-compassion will help in maintaining a healthier inner dialogue.

Taking care of your mental well-being also means not always focusing on the negatives. It would be best if you learned to appreciate the beauty that exists around you. For example, when you experience an unpleasant breakup, most people focus on the hurt and forget about the positive things brought by the relationship. Do not let the unpleasant memories consume you; try and cherish the good memories instead. Show appreciation and gratitude for life’s little gifts; take time to relax and meditate. Once you adopt a gratitude mindset, you are on the right path to achieving self-care.

3. Learn to Say No

Most times, you agree to everything to avoid hurting another person’s feelings. When you say yes to a request at the expense of your health and peace, you contradict the principles of self-care. You need to realize that you cannot appease everyone, as you also have your limits. Saying yes to everyone and everything puts you at a risk of burnout, which is detrimental to your emotional and physical health.

You also need to learn healthy coping skills to care for uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, anxiety, and anger. Emotional self-care involves engaging in activities that assist in acknowledging and expressing your feelings regularly. It is essential to integrate emotional self-care into your life by either talking to a friend or engaging in leisure activities that aid in the processing of emotions.

Final Thoughts

Self-care is a personal thing with no standard working formula. What inspires you and motivates you is different from what works for the person next door. Focus on the things that bring happiness. Make dates with yourself and commit to working on improving yourself. Just as wouldn’t back out on a friend, do not give up on yourself. Undertaking self-care in the right way will make you better suited to help others achieve the same.

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