11 Surprising Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

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When Instagram first came into being, no one expected that it would be the powerhouse that it is today. Instagram has forged new careers for people.

In fact, some of the most highly-rated Instagram profiles have boasted incredible profits. With that sort of cash, it’s understandable why anyone might be wondering how they can get in on the Instagram cash train.

It isn’t as easy as taking pictures and posting them either. You may start to feel frustrated when your follower count isn’t rising as quickly as you would like it.

Before you pull the plug on your Instagram venture, however, consider these eleven ways that can help you get more followers and take your place among the Instagram elite.

1. Realigfollowers


The simple truth about gaining followers is that the more followers you have, the more likely new people are going to follow you, too.

For one, when someone sees that you have a big number of followers, that typically means you’re someone important or have a lot of influence.

People want to be a part of that.

Secondly, by following you, they typically also hope to boost their own number of followers. However, how can you get more followers if you’re just starting out on Instagram?

One effective way to get a jumpstart is to utilize realigfollowers.

This site allows you to purchase Instagram followers as well as Likes. Like any business, you have to spend a little money to make money.

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2. Cross-Promote Hashtags

Hashtags are an important part of Instagram, and you may not be utilizing yours correctly. It’s one thing to have your hashtag on your Instagram profile, so people know what to tag you in and use your hashtag, but if that’s the only place people can find your hashtag, you’re not getting your brand out there.

Yes, even your hashtag is a brand. An easy marketing tool is to spread that hashtag like wildfire.

For those who own a business, you can include the hashtag on your receipts or in ads on the TV or in the newspaper.

3. Creativity With Hashtags

Speaking of hashtags, it’s important to make sure that your hashtag actually is interesting to read. While it should make sense to your overall brand, you don’t want to have a bland hashtag that no one cares to share or reuse.

The goal of hashtags is to bring people who may or may not be interested in the same subject your profile. By utilizing appropriate, but creative, hashtags you can bring new people to your profile.

4. Get In With The Popular Tags

Instagram lets you see how many posts are being made with a specific hashtag.

To bring the content of your profile to the forefront, you should find a way to use those popular hashtags and use them in your own posts.

By participating in some of the conversations that are going on, you can bring your profile to the attention of new people.

5. Bio URL


Every Instagram profile has a small space where you can post a bio URL. Most companies use this space to place their website as well as their relevant tags.

While this is certainly helpful to direct their followers to their page of products or services, it can be pretty bland and boring, too.

This is a space that allows you to verbally reach your followers and inform them what you’re all about. You don’t need to stick with the same bio either.

In fact, you should regularly change it up to keep your profile interesting and to direct attention to your newest posts.

6. Connect With Captions

Besides useful and relevant hashtags, you can really capitalize on the caption function of Instagram. In this space, you can make a direct connection with your followers. Let’s face it, people want to follow people that they connect to or care about.

You can forge that connection by adding in a story for your posts.

It doesn’t have to be every post that you make, but if you can amuse or connect with your followers emotionally, then you can be sure to see a steady rise in your follower count.

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7. Utilize Influencers

Some people have already done the hard work of gaining popularity.

If you follow them, you should make sure you’re notified whenever they make a new post. By doing so, you can immediately interact with them and form a friendship.

This new friendship might make the influencer more likely to share you out with their own group of followers.

8. Remove Tagged Photos

Perhaps most important when you initially start out is making sure that all of your content is high-quality. At times, people are going to tag you in stuff that you would prefer your followers didn’t see.

Luckily, Instagram has an “Edit Tags” option that allows you to remove those tagged photos.

9. Develop Style

You need to make sure your Instagram profile stands out from the rest. Develop your own style and center your brand around it.

People want to follow new things since they’re already following specific people for specific reasons. Make yourself stand out with your style to see an increase in your followers.

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10. Utilize Local Events

If there’s something going on in your area, or you have a famous landmark nearby, utilize it. Take photos of the event or with the landmark and post it.

You can piggyback on the popular tag and potentially network with other influencers in your area.

11. Call To Action

Followers love to feel as though they are being engaged. Interact with them, ask for them to leave their opinions and comments, and then actually respond to them. By forging relationships with your followers, not only will they stick around, but others will see this interaction and want to share a connection, too.

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