10 Tips to Go Green at Your Workplace

Why should you go green at your workplace?

Going green may seem like the latest trend but it is a trend that holds a lot of benefits for you and your business as implementing green processes to your workplace will create a healthier work environment for your employees, reduce unnecessary waste as well as recognizing that your business supports social change.


If you are thinking about taking your business green then here are 10 tips that you should follow:

  1. Change the Way You Commute

Changing the way you commute can be very cost-effective to both you and the government as less public resources are consumed and you end up saving a lot of your own money by reducing your gas consumption.

You can also speak to your neighbours or work colleagues about establishing a carpooling system that can benefit everyone. You can also consider cycling or walking to your workplace if you don’t live far from it.


  1. Pack Your Lunch in Reusable Containers

Pack your lunch in reusable containers well in advance instead of the regular disposable bags that most people use, you can make an exception with biodegradable plastic bags though. This practice will prevent the consumption and wastage of disposable plastic and paper bags. Try and inculcate this habit in your employees as well.

Go Green in Office

  1. Have a Personal Spot for Your Recyclables

Recycling at your workplace may not always be an option. If this is the case, then you can set aside your recyclable material to dispose of in a proper manner later on your way home.


  1. Use Energy Saving Lights

Do you know that artificial lighting consumes about 44% of the total electricity consumed in office buildings?

So make it a habit to switch off any lights when they’re not in use, better yet try and use natural light as much as possible.

Buy and use energy saving light bulbs and fixtures as they consume a third of the energy that regular lighting consumes. You can also install motion sensors or timers which will automatically switch off any of your office lights when not in use.


  1. Make the Most of the Paper You Use

Consider whether you can read or store any documents online prior to printing them. If you receive any unwanted junk mail like magazines, newsletters or catalogs, make sure to unsubscribe yourself from their mailing list before recycling them.


You can also consider switching to or other paper alternatives derived from kenaf, organic cotton, hemp or bamboo. Buy eco-friendly chlorine free paper which has a higher quantity of post-consumer recycled content if you need paper. Make sure to install hand dryers in your office instead of using paper towels.


  1. Buy Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

Buying recycled office supplies such as biodegradable plastic bags for your office displays that you value and support sustainable initiatives that are aimed towards preserving trees and other natural resources.


  1. Recycle Your Old Furniture and Equipment

Many offices are remodeled and upgraded from time to time with new furniture, computers etc. after which the old furniture and equipment is discarded. Instead of simply discarding it – why not donate it instead? Anything that is not worth donating, on the other hand, can be recycled instead of simply being discarded.


  1. Have Green Plants in Your Workplace

Brighten up your office with real plants to filter your office air and absorb any indoor pollution. Having plants in your office also helps create a more peaceful and enjoyable environment for your employees.


  1. Maximize Computer Efficiency

Do you know that computers in the business sector waste around one billion dollars worth of electricity annually?

Make it a practice for all your employees to switch off their computers at the end of a work day otherwise you’ll be unnecessarily burning and wasting energy. Setting your computer to sleep during short breaks during office hours can reduce your energy wastage by 70%.

Try and purchase energy saving computers when buying new computers for your office as well.


  1. Print Smarter

Do you know that the average American office worker consumes 10,000 sheets of paper annually?

Make it a practice for your staff to use both sides of paper or use the backside of your old documents for drafts, scrap paper or faxes.

You can also choose to buy remanufactured ink cartridges and recycle toner as each remanufactured toner cartridge keeps 2.5 pounds of plastic and metal from the landfills and saves almost half a gallon of oil as well.



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