The 10 most exciting activities your Andaman vacation must include this year

The Andaman Islands are a treasure trove of activities for all kinds of tourists and travelers.


From kid-friendly educational activities to hardcore adventure sports, you can find whatever you are looking for on one of the 36 islands in the archipelago.


Here are 10 activities for your Andaman tour package

So, here’s a complete list of the ten different activities youshould consider for wholesome fun with friends and family.


  • Soaking up the sun

Soaking up the sun

That’s the most relaxing and laid-back thing you can do at Andaman. You can pick any of the islands open to tourists and lay back, enjoy awesome vistas and spend an entire day bonding with your family or making new friends at any of the hundred-odd beaches of Andaman.


  • Animal safaris

Animal safaris

Animal safaris on islands, especially near beaches, are not common. However, you can explore the Little Andaman Island on elephant back. Explore the island during elephant safaris, visit the mesmerizing waterfalls and sail through the creeks to watch the elephant calves in training.


  • Check out the coral reefs

coral reefs

Jolly Buoy Island is not far from the Indian mainland, but it is indeed miles apart in pristine, natural beauty. The coral reefs, turtle population, and schools of fish remain untouched by human existence near this island.


  • Follow the heritage trail

Andaman is covered in interesting museums and old buildings. Ever since the British tried creating the first Cellular Jail here, people have flooded in trying to create a habitat for themselves. Off late some museums including the Anthropological Museum, the Samudrika Museum and the Forest Museum on Chatham Island have been popular tourist attractions.


  • Visiting the small villages

Many small islands including Rangat, Mayabunder, and Diglipur are home to tribes and small communities. The Jarawas and Onge people have been living on these islands since time immemorial. A well-planned Andaman tour package is a great way to explore their rustic lives.


  • Bird watching

Bird watching

The isolated location of ChidiyaTapu makes it a hotspot for biodiversity researchers and ornithologists. Even hobbyists frequent this island at least once a year to study unique bird species and their behavior. Parrot Island is home to thousands of parakeets, and their murmuring is an outstanding natural phenomenon no touring plan should miss.


  • Explore the wildlife

Explore the wildlife

Due to the interesting geography of the islands, there are several unique birds, mammals and marine creatures on and off the coast of the archipelago. Interview Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Landfall Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Saddle Peak National Park and Campbell Bay National Park are pilgrimage spots for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts.


  • Plan a hike

Plan a hike

There are several less dense forest areas, rocky zones and mangrove like regions that are open for hiking. Walking through nature, smelling the pure air and being in touch with the fresh greenery gives you a chance to explore the true nature of the Andaman Islands.


  • Trekking is fun

Madhuban is a perfect spot for small treks. It is 20 km from Port Blair, and it is quite the delight of every adventure seeker on Andaman. The route is complete with wooden hanging bridges, dense forests, and serpentine trails all around.


  • Water activities

scuba diving

Sea walking, that is, scuba diving and para-sailing are all parts of the ultimate Andaman travel experience for the thrill lovers. You can book your trip to adrenaline central from Port Blair, or you can reach Havelock or Neil Island and then book your spot.


Many of these activities depend on the season. Plan your trip with a significant amount of time in hand for including all the activities you want to try out.

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