10 Best Apps You Might Need On Your Smartphone

It’s 2018! Right from our grandparents to our little brothers and sisters, everyone owns a smartphone now. It’s a question of life and death if you don’t have a smartphone and the right apps in it.

So here is a list of 10 apps you would really find worthy of taking up your phone’s space.

  1. Truecaller


It’s quite irking to answer the calls of unknown numbers and especially from telecallers. This app lets you know the name of the caller who is calling you. A True Software Scandinavia AB creation, one must have  this app in a smartphone. TrueCaller is transforming the way one saw at phonebooks by making it more smarter.


  1. GoIbibo


Holiday season? Want special offers to travel back home? Goibibo is the best.

Goibibo is a travel app where you can book your stay in hotels all around the world and bus, train and flight tickets for that holiday you desired to go. Goibibo offers special discounts like providing the benefit of GoCash which subsidises the amount you pay at the end. It is one of the most preferable and sauve apps.


  1. Zomato


Food Dilemma? Zomato to the rescue!

Yes, Zomato is one such app where it solves the problems of all the foodies out there by providing honest review of cafés, hotels and lounges. What’s more! You can also order online from the app to avail best discounts and coupons.


  1. Uber


Your vehicle is at the service centre and you have an important meeting you can’t miss!

Fret not, book an Uber. Uber is a transportation service, food delivery  app where you can hire a cab whenever and wherever you are with a pocket friendly rates. Uber is known worldwide and is one of the most trustable cab services in the world. So wherever you go, this app comes handy. Uber is currently operating in 633 cities worldwide.


  1. SHAREit


SHAREit is an app for a quick transfer of files and media through two phones using Bluetooth and wi-fi hotspot. SHAREit needs to have only peerequisite. The app should be downladed in the both phones where the files have to be transferred. SHAREit is very safe and one of the most useful apps in a phone.


  1. Amazon


Amazon is deemed to be the online shopping mogul. Yes, almost everyone across the globe come together for their common love for Amazon. It is an online shopping app where customers can shop a vaired range of products right from daily needs to luxury items. Amazon is a customer oriented app and stands out as the most trustworthy app ever. Also, Amazon is truly AMAZEing. An alternative to Amazon Prime is UKTVNow app for free live channels.


  1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive offered by Google is a storage app where you can save almost everything. You can save your work, photos, legal documents and what not. All you need to do is to connect your google account to your drive and start using it. It is a must for people who are fussy and forgetful to carry their documents everywhwere. Through Google Drive, we can get access to our files through cloud storage and backup.


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  1. Google Keep

Google Keep

A note taking app, it’s the best in the town. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including texts, lists, images and audio. A must  have for all the smartphone users.


  1. Social Networking Apps.

Social Media

Whatsapp? Check. Instagram? Check. Snapchat? Check. LinkedIn? Check. Youtube? Check. Quora? Check. Twitter? Check. Facebook? Check. Tinder? Check.

You must be knowing what’s the discussion about. Yes, we are talking about the social networking apps. Social networking apps are a major source of news, fashion and business. Without us being a small part of social media, we feel left out somehow. So the major social networking apps are a must in any smartphone.


  1. Paytm


Sure, you know why this app is topping our list. It was a knight in shining armour during the demonetization time and helped India pave a way for cashless payments.

Paytm is an Indian e-payments and e-commerce app which rattled the other apps by earning the most used payment app in India. It’s a one stop solution for everything right from our mobile recharges to our electricity bills.

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