Marketing Trends 2017 , Digital Marketing Trends & Tips

If we talk about Business-to-consumer markets, about 76% of those markets claim to use content advertising strategies. With the rapid change in technology marketing and advertising trends, articles have emerged a lot in the last few years.

Marketing Trends 2017

In 2017, we’ve seen a shift in trends in content marketing. Because the link to the speed such as 4G and 3G have provided users with means to access images and videos at a faster pace infographics pictures, videos and content appear to be taking over the online in 2017.

Content markets are decreasing from users with time because of the need for content. The trends in content advertising are changing since users want info at a quicker pace.

Digital marketing trends 2017


This rise in the need for visual content will further increase in 2017 .82% of the digital sellers today stress on generating content particularly for the men and women whom they want to address, rather than search engines alone.

Since the focus of content advertising strategies has increased to a view of content, it’s.

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These articles marketers are now coming up with keywords that are more customer-centric than generic key terms, supplying better information alongside some other attractions such as videos, audios, pictures, etc.

Digital Marketing Trends 2017

Have you heard about the new Twitter news feed that’s going to launch?

Perhaps you have noticed how Nike is currently supplying custom? And wondered why this is happening all around the world?

The answer to this question is that customization is taking over the advertising world. People nowadays want more customized services and products based on their taste and preferences.

Digital Marketing

Earlier in their current year, it appeared this trend would take over articles world because people were demanding articles which might be shifted or tailored by the response of a person stimuli.

Assuming the trend carries through 2017, it is likely the demand for individual tailor-made articles is likely to grow rapidly in 2017.

Since the advent of mobile phones, mobile marketing has been growing rapidly. The content advertising trends for mobile markets appear to be rising as well.

The expansion will expand mobile get for current and new audiences.

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