DoFollow Blog Commenting Sites list 2018 High DA Backlinks

Hey Bloggers…

This article will teach you all about how to do make backlinks through blog commenting.


We all know that why other bloggers comment on our blogs or on other blogs. Well, the answer is very simple – for BACKLINKS.


Many bloggers allow comments on their blogs and many don’t.


Those who allow commenting might not allow you to drop your website’s link in there.


No No…… Don’t worry I am going to show you……


How to make DoFollow blog Commenting easily.

Well the most basic way is by dropping a link of your website or blog or of your latest/best article and putting your keyword in the name column as your commentator name.


how to do blog commenting


Do you know that commenting is one of the best and easiest way to drive traffic on your website?


Yes, Trust me it is.


Building backlinks through blog commenting and making relation with other bloggers is the major benefit of commenting habit.


Now, One thing I am going to tell you at this very beginning is that always go for quality rather than quantity as many bloggers focus on quantity rather than quality and starts doing blog commenting on every next site they see thinking that more the comments they will make, more traffic will come on their website but this is absolutely wrong.


DoFollow blog commenting will only help you if and only if they are of high value and from meaningful and useful source of information.


Main thing to remember when doing commenting


Quality is always better than quantity


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What Type of Blog Comments do Bloggers and Site owners hate the most?

Well I always put more than 100 comments daily on moderation or say I do not approve them because I know the main purpose of those comments in not to start an interaction with me but just to get a backlink.

Note: The best way to make a backlink in 2018 is by guest posting which you can do by searching your niche plus write for us.

Ex: Technology write for us


Here are few comments which I hate the most:

  1. Nice Blog.
  2. Hey Author, thanks for this article.
  3. Useful information.
  4. Amazing article written.
  5. Awesome!!!
  6. Kudos to the writer.

These comments seems to be positive and nice from user’s point of view but they are not adding any value to the post nor is the writer going to reply for these comments.


Irrelevant Comments


So it is advised to always do comments on which you think the writer is definitely going to reply and you can start a conversation with the writer in order to gain some more tips.


A Blog commenting part should always be used not to just create backlinks but to add value to the post/article.


It will be my personal suggestion not to make too many blog comments just to increase the number of backlinks on your site as through this you might be creating good number of links but you will never make a good relation with any of the blogger which in turn will prove to be a loss for you only as you might not be able to extract some extra tips and tricks from those bloggers.


Relevant Blog Comments


So if you are adding up irrelevant words or sentences in your comment then you are just wasting your time and time of the blogger too.


Now you might be thinking of ……


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How to make Best Dofollow blog Comments?

Well, This is very easy and simple.

All you need to do is

  • Visit the website and sign up for the gravatar.
  • Add your own custom gravatar image.
  • Put up a nick name.
  • Next is, if you have genuinely read the article then make a relatable comment in the write comment section.
  • If all you can think about is “good information provided” or “awesome article” then I should say that you must read the article again.
  • Add your keyword for which you want to make the backlink in the name section.
  • Put your email ID.
  • Enter the targeted URL.
  • Press Submit Comment.

And it’s done.

See it’s that simple to make value added blog comments.


List of Best DoFollow Blog Comments – High DA


Now seeing from the SEO point of view on….

How to do dofollow blog commenting?

Well, when it comes on SEO(Search engine optimization) there are certain words which you should know first.

  • DoFollow Backlinks

  • NoFollow Backlinks


What are Dofollow backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks add high value to your website or blog for which you are making links. The word Dofollow means that google bots will index it and will read it and will follow to your links and add good value.


Dofollow links passes link juice to your respective link.


A link juice is a must to add value to your keyword and boost its ranking on google.


What are Nofollow backlinks?

Nofollow backlinks are just opposite of Dofollow backlinks. Google bots will index them and read them too but will never pass the link juice of that high authority website to your keyword and hence the keyword will not get the much needed boost in the ranking.


How dofollow backlinking works?

Dofollow backlinks allow google or other search engines to crawl and reach to your website.


These links will pass on link juice to your website which in turn will pass SEO benefit to your keyword and hence your keyword will boost up on the search engine ranking.


Dofollow blog commenting done on HIGH DA websites will pass on good amount of link juice to your keyword.


List of Best DoFollow Blog Comments 2018 – High DA

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