123Movies New Site 2020 – Watch Free Movies Online in HD

123Movies 2020: If you want to watch free movies online in HD or want to stream movies and TV shows online then 123Movies is one of the best platform you need to visit. You can watch free movies online without any type of registration or fee on 123MoviesGo.

In this article you will find every information which you need to know about what is 123movies and how to access free movies online on 123movies.

As the name says, 123movies is a website related where you can get movies for free. This website has been in the business from many years but it keep changing its name because of privacy issues.

Earlier 123movies was also known as Moviemad, GoMovies, 123movierulz, GoStream, etc.

It is one of those websites which the government keeps on banning but the owners of this website keeps on coming back with different website names and URLs.

Update: Movies like Emma, The Hunt, The Invisible Man has been added in 123moviesgo.

What Is 123Movies?

123movies new site

123movies is a file hosting or say movie hosting site which allows users from all parts of the world to stream all latest movies, TV Shows, Series online for free. But one thing you should know is that 123movies is an illegal website which can sometimes even infect your computer by virus or malware. But the reviews about 123movies till now are great as per users and users are satisfied by the online movie streaming on this website.

This website has given all its users an access to all its content including movies and other TV shows.

123movies also provides a place to register on the website so that users can even upload any movies and TV shows so that others can watch them too for free.

Now you must be thinking that how this website generate revenue by giving all the things for free?

Well, 123movies generates its income and revenue with the help of redirect ads, pop up ads and other advertisements on their website.

The site came into existence in 2015 and within a short period of time only they have spread like a fire in forest. Currently it is estimated that they have a user-base of 97 million users on their website. There are many clones of 123movies website as the government and search engine keeps on banning this website but this website keeps on coming back with 123movies new site name.

Features of 123movies:

  1. Gives access to all latest movies and TV shows.
  2. All types of movies are available on the website be it bollywood, hollywood, tamil, telugu, etc.
  3. Streaming movies online is also available on 123movies.
  4. No registration fee is required.
  5. You can watch any movie for free without any particular restriction or boundation.

How to Find 123Movies Latest Websites and Link?

123Movies Latest Websites and Link

It is very easy to find all the new and latest 123movies websites and link. All you have to do is just type 123movies on Google and the very 1st page of Google will show you the latest domain of 123movies.

To solve this problem of new website every time, 123movies came up with a solution that they now will be releasing a software which the users can install in their computer and can access to all the latest movies for free lifelong.

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Is 123Movies Safe to Visit?

The answer is NO. 123movies is not safe to visit. As per many user reviews this website has lead to the entry of some virus and other malware in their computer system. To be honest no free movie streaming and downloading website is safe to use as if they would be so safe to use then how will they earn money?

As said above also, these websites earn money via pop up ads, redirect ads and almost 90% of these redirect ads and pop up ads gives an easy access to virus to enter in your system.

This is not the only thing which you should worry about.

After 123movies got famous, there came many clone websites claiming them to be official 123movies website but they were just a virus portal from where they were just infecting the user’s computer system.

So always visit the official 123movies new site only.

Watch Latest Movies and TV Shows for Free on 123Movies:

123movies has its owners from Vietnam and the website is hosted in Vietnam only. Even being hosted in Vietnam the website has all its content in English only as the target audience of this website owners are people from USA and India. The website earns from advertisements and other ads and therefore the website is free for all.

Many movie associations from around the world have banned 123movies for being an illegal website which pirates the movie and then distribute it to the audience without legal certificates and copyrights.

The official website of 123movies is down since 2018 but many people have started websites by using the brand 123MOVIES. It was declared illegal by the government of many countries to pirate and distribute movies without proper legal rights and certificates.

After the official 123movies website was closed, there came many clone and exact replica websites of 123movies which were created by people from many places. But soon these people got together and what they are now doing is that they are referring all the 123movies clone websites from 1 single website and diverting users on all these websites via banner ads or pop up ads.

123movies domains and Proxy

The original domain of 123movies was 123movie.to which is now officially closed but there are many other 123movies domains which are active and giving free movies online to stream and download and some of them are listed below:

  • video123movies.com
  • portalenews.me
  • ww.123moviesfree.sc
  • 123moviess.cc
  • 123movies.cat
  • ww.123movies.la
  • movies123.email
  • suprepages.com
  • the123movies.in/movies
  • 123moviestvonline.com
  • www.123movies-is.com
  • 4wisconsin.us
  • 123movies.gallery
  • w.123gomovies.io
  • www1.123moviess.online
  • 123movieswww.com

All the above given websites are clone of 123movies and are currently active and giving option to download latest movies for free.

How to use 123movies?

123movies as we all know is banned in many countries and the website is not accessible to the users through their internet connection. But, there is always a way for everything.

You can unblock any movie streaming website using a VPN.

Yes, with the help of VPN you can have a virtual proxy network which will then enable you to open all the blocked websites on your computer system or mobile.

VPNs are available online (free and paid).

There are many VPN available and some of them are:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. NordVPN
  3. CyberGhost
  5. PrivateVPN
  6. VyprVPN
  8. Turbo VPN

By using any of the above given VPN you can unblock 123movies website and can open it in your browser or what you can do is you can use 123movies proxy to open the website in your browser.

How to Download Movies from 123movies?

123movies downloader

It is very easy to download movies from 123movies.

All you have to do is just visit any of the above given website from the list and enter the name of the movie or TV show you are looking to download in the search box.

Once the movie result shows you can simply click on the movie and then click on the download button to start the downloading process.

You can even stream movies online on 123movies.

Users can even download 123movies app in their smartphone to get access of all the latest movies on their phone.

123movies app apk

Note: If you are not able to find 123movies app in playstore then you can download 123movies apk by searching it on google as it is available on many websites.

Extra Tip: You can search about 123movies downloader. It is the most safest and free method to download all latest bollywood and hollywood movies for free from 123movies.

123Movies Alternatives 2020:

There are many websites which work in a similar manner as 123movies do and all these are listed as 123movies alternative websites.

Here is the list of all such websites:

  1. Solar Movie
  2. Vumoo
  3. FMovies
  4. PutLocker
  5. Project Free TV
  6. Snag Flims
  7. YesMovies
  8. IceFilms
  9. Showbox 123movies

List of Latest Movies on 123Movies:

More Information about 123movies:

With the alexa rank of 559 in world, 123movies became one of the most famous website and covered a full era by its popularity. 123movies was popular in both USA and India and the popularity was such massive that people used to search all the latest movies on this website only. It is claimed that the organic traffic of this website was more than 90M per month.

123movies used to host all the movies on many file hosting platforms they have collaborated with and some of them are:

  1. MyCloud
  2. OpenLoad
  3. JetLoad
  4. Streamango

123movies became so popular that later the website was converter into a torrent website as it always pirates latest movies and make it available for the users so that they can download the movie for free.

The US officials issues a complaint against the owners of 123movies but the Vietnam guys sneaked the officials and are still unknown.

Is 123movies a legal website?

123movies website is not a legal website after the US officials and many movie branding companies marked it as illegal. Even the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) marked the website as an illegal website and whenever someone tries to make such website then because of DMCA and other authorities the owners of the website receives a circular ordering them to close the website or else actions will be taken against them.

Should I Download Movies from 123movies?

Yes you can download movies from 123movies for free as long as you are not the owner of the website and you are just a user. This is because you are just a visitor of that website and the website owners are providing the download link to all their website users.


There are many strict rules for all those who are involved in movie piracy and leak. As per the DMCA and other movie governing boards, pirating any movie is a punishable crime. The purpose of this article is not to promote 123movies or any such website but to aware people about such websites and how they spread virus in computer through these piracy websites.

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